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I like to boost Sales and Market the products. Throughout my tiny career of nearly 3 years I had been driven by intellectual curiosity to develop the techniques to make money and solve the clients problems. Wheather it's been the problem of high electricity bills or quality of light or the highly priced solar panels I had always been able to quickly uncover the clients pain point and provide the best solution. With my refined skill mindset I had always did my level best to bring client-centric mindset for whichever product I had marketed. As a person I truely believe to be a successful player in the game of global trends you had to be a lifelong learner and adapt to new techniques. My current skills and specialities are: ^ Strategic planning and development ^ Sales management ^ Quick adaptation to new techniques and methods ^ Marketing and branding Strategies ^ Campaign development ^ Event management ^ Results driven With 3 years experience building sales teams and campaigns for a variety of SMEs across a wide range of industries, Syed and the team are your number one choice for outsourced sales management.

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