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Inks Working with fluid mediums allows for total spontaneity, abstraction and freedom. With a combination of alcohol, acrylic ink and acrylic flow a play of colour hits the surface where originals, prints, earrings and greeting cards are created. Birth Charts Take a photo of the starry sky from the place, time and date you were born and you will see your birth chart. A unique personal mapping that connects aspects of Self through planets and constellations. The mandala being symbolic of Self, contains and reflects the individual's world within and at the same time is connected with cosmic non-duality. Through the unison between these inner and outer worlds, we can see sacred patterns, geometry, space, and the relationship between the essence of self and the universe. Jewellery We have a wide range of beautiful jewellery with are work taken from original ink paintings and applied to a light weight hoop pine wood. They hang from 25mm surgical stainless steel hoops.

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