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Solar Gleam are local Solar Panel Cleaning professions that offer a safe and effective Solar Panel Cleaning service to our South East Queensland & Northern NSW Clients. Rain Alone does not keep your panels clean. Dirt, Dust, Birds and Bats do there best to soil up your panels and stop them operating at there maximum power producing efficiency Get your panels back to their fully efficient best with Solar gleamn Solar Panel Cleaners Solar Gleam use only non-hazardous, biodegradable cleaning solutions specifically designed to bring solar panels back to their full efficiency while keeping you and your water tanks free from hazardour cleaning chemicals. Solar Gleam will do a full health check of your panel while on the roof including an inverter and wiring test and review. Keep then Clean - Call Solar Gleam - Solar panel Cleaning professions since 2008. Local and friendly service - Fully insured - No job to small

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