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Roxburgh Building & Design -Building Designers -Specialising in thermally efficient home Designs and Construction -Designers of Residential, Residential Extensions, Commercial and Industrial Building What is an energy-efficient home? An energy-efficient home reduces wasted energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and its demand for non-renewable energy resources. It also offers healthier, cleaner living conditions. A financial saving also occurs in every energy-efficient home. Why invest in an energy-efficient house? Investing in sustainable and renewable energy systems for your home will be a little financial investment. But, there are many reasons to consider it. Not only will your home's value increase with these installations, your electricity bill and carbon footprint will reduce substantially. Solar Panels Solar Power is created using the energy from the sun. Solar panels convert light into power which can be used for appliances in your home. Although the initial cost of solar systems is quite high, they may save you a great deal of money in the future. Solar energy is estimated to have reduced Australia's energy use by up to 40% in average homes. Windows and Doors Windows can be the cause of up to a 40% loss of cooling or heating energy. This can be reduced by up to 80% if energy-efficient windows are installed. Double glazed windows may be the best solution for your home, particularly if you plan on having larger window panes. Ensure that your windows close to be airtight. Putting up curtains, blinds, awnings, and shutters may also serve to reduce your energy use.

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