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Are you sick of paying too much for your electricity? -Is your electricity bill always too high and don't know why? Give us a call today to discuss how you can harness the suns energy to your advantage. We are a local team dedicated to bringing solar to your home or business . We can walk you through the whole process: - - Initial consultation and designing a system that best suites your needs - Letting you know your estimated output of your solar system throughout each month - Future savings on your electricity bills - Estimated payback period of your solar system - Organising your meter exchange with your retailer if needed - After sales service and support There are many things that can affect a solar systems efficiency, these include : - -Panel Tilt and direction -Tree shading - Soiling from dirt, dust and bird droppings I also provide a handyman service as i have over ten years experience in the industry before switching to solar installation.

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