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Considering Solar? Don't Get Ripped Off. Equip yourself with expertise from an independent consultant. “Our solar installation didn't shrink the power bill.” …says the accountant who felt paralysed by the 40-page commercial quote. It was too much to interpret. …says the single mum who went with the cheapest solar quote. It didn't factor in the angles of her roof. Which quote is best? Have you noticed how, over the last 5 years or so, solar technology has improved and become more affordable, but the pay-back rates have dwindled? Solar retailers are everywhere, but don't all offer quality products and services. When different quotes don't even compare with each other, how do you know which installations will ultimately guarantee free, clean energy? Hi, I'm Dale Whether it's for your home or business, I can take the headache out of choosing a solar system that's worth the investment. I don't take commissions and I have no agenda for you to buy. Over 10 years of working with major solar installers means I can empower you with the insider facts to ensure you don't waste your time or money. How you'll get the upper hand: 1. Know what is essential Be confident in conversations with solar reps. Know the questions to ask, and what promises to pick apart. “Based on my knowledge, this number of panels will not reduce my bill by 80%...” 2. Simplify the technical detail Interpret quote details so you know what they mean for your wallet and your lifestyle. Determine which quotes offer solutions that last. 3. Apply the facts to your situation Retailers don't always discuss things like your power usage patterns, roof geometrics, available grid power and whether the guarantee is reasonable. Don't worry about what you've missed—I'll catch those details for you. What I can guarantee: - An objective point of view on your solar quotes or questions, once I've assessed your unique situation. - For business: I'll condense a lengthy quote into a 5-minute read. You'll get an executive summary that interprets the critical data and provides recommendations. - For homes: I'll talk you through the information you've got or need, provide an email with some pointers and a quick report if you'd like it. - Peace of mind that your solar system will reduce your power bill, pay for itself in a reasonable timeframe and last many years. Full Qoin accepted on all consulting. Contact me today, from anywhere in Australia, to get a quote: - P: 0433 696 299

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