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About us Ecosolarpower is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated Solar Energy Company. We have a strong vision of how to transform the world's energy resources and provide people with sustainable and affordable energy solutions. We are a forward-thinking community, fully supported by sound academic research that brings together top professionals. We believe it is important to have reliable, clear and unbiased information to help you make the right decision for your solar system Ecosolarpower provides homeowners with a simple, inexpensive way of powering their homes with the sun and regaining control of their electricity. Why Choose Ecosolarpower? Ecosolarpower installations only have the highest quality products available in the market. We only supply fully accredited Tier 1 Solar Panels, quality Inverters and roof fittings with local expertise and technical back-up readily available. Our professional Installers are all CEC Accredited. Ecosolarpower uses feedback from customers and installers to ensure top service and value. Our attention to detail is absolute and our primary concern is to achieve a continuously high customer satisfaction rate. Top-Quality Residential and Commercial Solar Power Products ECOSOLARPOWER installs panels, inverters, racking systems and other solar power components only from trusted Tier-1 panel manufacturers who are financially stable and quality inverter manufacturers, such as:  Seraphim (PV Manufacturer )  Fronius (Austrian Made Inverter  SMA (German Made Inverter)  Jinko solar (PV Manufacturer)  Sungrow (Inverter Manufacturer)  Q cells(PV Manufacturer) Our Products We sell solar power systems, both commercial and residential. Our solar panel systems are planned to meet local energy needs and optimize solar energy when it is most needed. We sell highly effective solar panels from world-class brands such as Canadian Solar Panels, Jinko Solar Panels, LG Solar Panels, Longi Solar Panels, Q Cells Solar Panels, REC Solar Panels, Trina Solar Panels, Suntech Solar Panels and Seraphim Solar Panels. Our strict product-selection process is a reflection of our dedication to supporting our nation's economy. We use and install panels, inverters and other solar power components from suppliers that are financially stable, socially responsible and have been in business at least as long as the product warranties they offer. The following process demonstrates how straightforward it is to start saving money for your home with your own Solar Panel System.  Consultation To perform a site inspection, we will arrange an appointment for one of our Solar Specialists to visit your place. A site inspection typically takes 30 minutes to an hour and requires an examination of the last 12 months of energy bills, roof size and angle site inspection, switchboard inspection including main switch, discussion of the location of the inverter installation and property review for any shading.  Tailored System Design Your consultant will then design a suitable size of system for your property as per your electricity usage needs. We will also illustrate you an aerial view of panels layout.  Contract Agreement Your consultant will then provide you with your comprehensive quote, and the signed quote is forwarded to Ecosolarpower when acknowledged, and the process gets underway once your initial deposit is paid.  Connection Approval Once all the paperwork is received, Ecosolarpower arranges the request to connect a small embedded generator (SEG) at your premises and submit your new connection application. The approval process takes up to 10 business days. And once the approval process is successfully completed, you will be contacted by Ecosolarpower to arrange your installation date.  Installation and monitoring setup Ecosolarpower will contact you once the connection approval process is completed to notify you of the date of your Solar Panel Installation. We use only Clean Energy Council accredited installers to install the system. Once the installation is finished, our installer will educate you about the operation of system and setup your Wi-Fi monitoring app.  Your system is ready to go! After the completion of your installation, Ecosolarpower will contact your energy provider to arrange the installation of your import/export meter that regulates the usage and output of your solar system. Once the net metering process is finalized, you are ready to save money and generating your own electricity with your brand-new solar panels.

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