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Our mission is to serve, empower and partner with local communities to reduce our carbon footprint. We are currently focused on raising awareness of the benefits of rooftop solar and helping local businesses and households throughout their journey from discovery to realising benefits. About We are a growing, boutique company based in south east Queensland. We believe that we have a real opportunity to accelerate momentum in tackling climate change to leave a lasting legacy for our future generations. Our hope lies with various members of our communities working together proactively, coherently and persistently toward our common goal. All done one step at a time while looking out for one another to the best of our abilities. Ultimately, we believe in Jesus Christ our god and saviour and in radically sharing the love, grace and mercy he has afforded us, firstly within the local communities we are part of and secondly, with every person we will cross paths with in the future i.e. customers, business partners, suppliers, regulators and other valued stakeholders and community members. Our success balances meaningful, sustainable impacts in 3 areas: 1. Environmental footprint - real, measurable net carbon emission reduction. 2. Economic viability - to ensure repeatable outcomes and enable continuous ripple effects. 3. Social justice - improved life quality here and now, especially for those who are in most need in our backyard and globally.

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